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We aim to complete the amateur esports ecosystem by connecting all the game communities in the world.

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We believe that esports is not just about rigorous and huge competition like the LoL World Championship and that it shouldn't solely be enjoyed by the top-tiered professional players. We believe that competing, cooperating, and enjoying the game itself is the essence of esports that any gamers can participate in.
Our passionate Undefined crew is creating iScrim, a service that allows anyone to easily build an esports platform and host various competitions. (If you wish to find out more about Undefined’s history, please click the following link: )

Introducing iScrim

iScrim is an online platform builder for esports event organizers.
We believe that any gamers with a passion for managing competitions can become an organizer. However, until now, it took a long time and investment to become an organizer as the method of running amateur esports events has been filled with inefficiencies and a lot of hands-on operations.
iScrim aims to lower these barriers to entry for organizers, thereby creating more competitions and activities in each of the organizers' esports platform.

Introducing the Undefined crew

Product Team

CEO, Founder
❝Carve your name on hearts, not on marble. -Charles Spurgeon
#World's first Starcraft Reaver drop
To establish an amateur esport system to help players enter into the pro scene
3D Modeling Designer
❝Wider and deeper
#Bird eye view
Helping people experience esports culture by creating value, content, and longevity.
3D Modeling Designer
❝ Actions speaks louder than words
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To create a new esports world and provide our users with a fun and unique experience.

Business Development Team

❝Do what scares you until it doesn't
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To develop world class organizers by developing the world’s first and best training program for esports organizers.

Software Development Team

Backend & Server Developer
❝ If you want to be happy, be.
To create an environment where anyone can conveniently hold and participate in esport competitions.
Frontend Developer
❝ A rolling stone gathers no moss
#growth #keep going
Building esports to be fun and accessible to people all over the world.
Frontend Developer
❝ l’m a slow walker, but I never walk back
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Creating an environment where anyone, regardless of gender or age, easily access esports.
Game Developer
❝ Practice makes perfect
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We help gather all gamers and let them have fun
Backend & Server Developer
❝ Happiness Is All Around
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To make esports fun for everyone.
Quality Assurance Manager
❝With a strong will, you can achieve anything!
#Just do
Providing a simple solution through an esport platform.
Quality Assurance Manager
❝dont’ worry be happy
To help our users enjoy and easily access esport competitions.
AI Developer
❝There is always a way
#Growth #Happy
Connecting the bridge between esports and sports.


1st Round(Angel)

Start-up founders and executives with extensive development, investment, VC, and other experiences have joined Undefined Inc. as angel investors to support us.

2nd Round(Seed)

KJ& Investment Partners

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#growth #keep going
❝ A rolling stone gathers no moss
#growth #keep going
#Just do
#Just do